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The one stop maritime solutions

Elektronik Lab is a company that is committed to providing the best of maritime products. The fact that our company is run by professional radio officers and telecommunication engineers with years of maritime experience, is the cherry on top of the icing of this maritime electronics company.

Total project



Jobs well done

By providing the best of the services as well as products, we have ensured that our work at and with Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy/Coast Guard has left no scope for complains. Our job portfolio with the aforementioned customers looks like this:

  • Sold & Installed over 190 RADARs
  • Undertook AMC/RRC of the RADARs sold
  • Sold over 250 GMDSS stations
  • Sold, installed, programmed and serviced over 1000 EPIRBs
  • Sold over 500000 GPS
  • Installation & Commissioning of over 1000 INMARSAT Terminals
  • Undertake AMC/RRC of INMARSAT Terminals
  • Sold over 1000 SARTs (Search & Rescue RADAR Transponders) & 2 Way GMDSS Radios
  • Supplied & Installed over 100 SVDR/VDR systems
  • VTS station in over 30 ports